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118/300 pics of Everybody Era


Jonghyun's only greatest pieces of art

Key vs Taemin: throwing lightsticks into the crowd


92 / endless Lee TaeMin

don’t bite your lip, lee taemin!!! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


"Why/How are you still following me?!"

I probably ask myself this everytime someone follows me and stays followed….like I really don’t understand why. I am truly grateful for everyone who does follow me and I thank you for taking a chance on me :).

I finally reached one of my ultimate goals and I think I may cry, so thank you!!! I fucking love you!!

Italics- I love to see you on my dash

Bold- mutuals/ thank you^^


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I really wanna thank you for brightening my day and dashboard! I love you <3 And if I missed anyone I’m sorry :(

Anonymous said: I'm here to confess that I've read the 2nd part of the demon's fic at least 10 times. Especially because Omgasdfghjhfd that part when kibum comes home and jongdemon says he thought he would go away ASDFGHFDS can't with the feels~~

omg really?! i’ve been afraid that it wasn’t as good as the first part but to hear this made me happy;; ahh yes that part is quite cute because jjong that pup tested kibum but his trust into human isn’t great. that’s why he was actually sure that kibum wouldn’t return >_<