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Lee Taemin 2014 - WIP

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Blue night radio 14 / 07 / 22
(About the letter to the fan who had passed away in the Sewol tragedy)
Although I have probably never seen her or talked to her directly before, it has indeed affected me a lot. I'll always feel it whenever I interact with a fan. We, as idols, can't take full responsibilities for your lives but we work hard in order to become the vitality of your lives. I hope that the victims of the Sewol tragedy are all in a beautiful place.

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Hhahaha Jjong always well-mannered <3 

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his name’s Lee Jinki and he’s cuter than you

The way Key looks at Jonghyun #HappyJongkeyDay (c)


#happyjongkeyday <3


for dinobummie ~ happy birthday to my lovely Caitie ♥

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yes!! It’s Taeyang - Take it slow … am i right? : D

haha yes! lol this song is so pervy xD and omg imagine Jjong singing it for real aaahh >_<

officially an angel ~ kim jonghyun

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Title: Ibalsa
Pairing: JongKey
Length: 2 768w
Rating: NC-17
Genre: smut (barber!AU)
Summary: Kibum is a regular customer at the hair salon ibalsa and the salon owner’s handsome nephew might be the reason why.

A/N: actually this is one of the fics i wrote for something i work on for a while now but because today is jongkey day i decided to share this little piece with you guys earlier. tbh the lack of barber AU in the jongkey fandom hurts my soul lol HAPPY JONGKEY DAY MINIONS!

Kim Kibum was a new regular customer at the hair salon in Hakdong-ro. It wasn’t anything fancy, rather small and the location not inviting for new customers but it existed for so long that the amount of regular customers was enough to help the salon survive.

The name was pretty simple – ibalsa, the Korean word for barber – and inside there was room for four customers to get a haircut at the same time but the number of workers was unproportional with only two, which resulted in wait but those were always well worth, especially when the young and attractive nephew of the salon owner was the one cutting or dying your hair.

He was also the main reason why Kibum even started coming here. A few weeks ago he got lost in this street, which is not surprising considering that he just moved to Seoul only three months ago and his hometown Daegu wasn’t the smallest place but yet nothing compared to the capital city. And when he passed the hair salon, which really didn’t look that appealing from the outside, his eyes caught him, Kim Jonghyun.

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