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i made the same mistake of using the word "retarded" when i moved back to america orz try not to worry about it okay?^^

Thanks dear. I’m fine :) if I do a mistake then I admit and accept it and try not to repeat it in the future. After all I didn’t mean to hurt anyone. But I have to admit that sometimes it’s really confusing because native speakers change the meaning of words or turn it into insults while dictionaries keep using them normally. But well we have that phenomenon in all languages.

Omg miho now I can't take off my.mibd kindergarten teachers jongkey! ;; can you pretty please givw me permission tp draw a short scene of it ?

Sure you can bb. It’s not like I own the idea hehe. Have fun~

2013 → JongKey

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Next time please google it and use the correct and not insulting term, because 'retarded' is often used as insult.

your ask hinted on it so i changed it already. tho i still could need a term for it because translates it only with that word. but thanks for telling me :)

miho your tags under that gifset jfc you're a genius i wanna read a ff like that right now! ;A;

i wish i could magically have it finished sweetie. unfortunately that’s all i can give to you for now xD maybe some day i might write it^^ who know hehe

no okay but that kid minded jjong fic idea and key it broke my heart but honestly I want someone to write it pls

thanks! tho i just changed the word “retarded”. sry didn’t know that in english it’s offensive(?). i trusted the dictionary lol anyway thanks <3 i dunno but that gif set inspired me somehow with the way how jjong painted kibum’s face like he was a little kid.

You have to write now this fic abot Jongkey in a summer camp!!! D: Ok no, but I loved your idea a lot ;; lol <3

i wish i could if i had the time OTL

Ohh ... can you explain how .. just how Kibum is becoming more and more beautiful with every fuckin day .. like .. do he eats something special or ... it is so annoying because i want to go there and kiss all over his face and say him how perfect he is .. but jeezz ... I'm thousands of fuckin kilometers away from Korea T.T ps: love you !! <3

i rlly don’t know ;n; but really he is so pretty and so beautiful inside and out <3

great use of the word "retarded." 👎

sorry if i used it wrongly. i didn’t know the english word so i looked it up and it said mentally retarded as the translation for the word we use in german. :/

and at the end....... they become lovers ;A; everybody that works at the kindergarten adored them very much, because they getting annoyed with the jongkey lil fight and like "just love each other already!" and they become the cutestttt couple ;u;

kiyaaah indeed they would be as cute as cotton candy omg. and that one little boy taemin would draw a picture of his pretty kindergarten teacher kibum and the short teacher and give it to them and kibum would be like awww did you draw this? omg taemin that’s so pretty! while jjong would be like wait why am i this tiny????? i’m not that short!! yah kibum stop laughing!!

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#wow this inspired me to smth but it would be kinda rlly sad#after an accident kibum's best friend's jjong experiences a sever damage to his brain#like he has the mind of a child#and kibum loves him#he always did#and sometimes jjong does these kind of things where he grabs a crayon and paints kibum's face#and kibum just lets him#and every time he tell jjong that he loves him with that sad smile he tries so hard to hide#jjong replies innocently that he loves him too because he is always so nice#and ofc it's not the same kind of love#and kibum's friends are telling him that he should move on#but he doesn't listen to them#even if jjong will never be like before#he still loves him and he wants him to be happy#so he just keeps being his best friend#endures his temper tantrums#and brings him to the aquarium because jjong likes fishes so much#but then there is this one scene in which kibum needs to visit his parents' graves but jjong is getting upset because he wants to spend time#and kibum just turns and walks out#and jjong follows him quietly#kibum knows that he is walking behind him#but he feels too sad so he walks until they reach the graveyard#but jjong stops and doesn't enter it because he is kinda intimidated#but when kibum is inside for a while he eventually walks inside and searches for kibum until he finds him#on all fours#curled into a ball#crying in front of his mother's grave#because *his* jjong is gone#and he feels lonely and lost#and she isn't there either

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